Touching up the Front Door: Maximize Curb Appeal and the Appearance of a Home's Exterior

We completed in and out of our houses several times a day through the front door. How many times have we most likely overlooked the fact that the front door acts as a sign of welcome?
If your door is in great condition, you'll only require to lightly sand it before painting; if your door includes fractures or flaking paint, combine these areas of paint first prior to continuing. Strategy to begin painting early in the morning or on a day when the humidity is low, given that moisture in the air affects paint-drying time.
When selecting paint for your door, think about the following: First, determine what color you 'd like to utilize on your door. Select a light paint color so that these items will stand out if you like to hang evergreen wreaths or other things on the door.
Pick a high-quality exterior paint for the door. Outside paints will have the ability to withstand sun, wetness and humidity in altering seasons of the year. If you require assistance in selecting the proper paint or products for this project, go to a local hardware or paint-supply shop.
Method for Painting a Front Door
CPGC - Olympia WA
50-grade sandpaper
Tack cloth

Masking or blue painter's tape
Awl (optional).
Hammer (optional).
3-inch paint brush.
Latex outside paint.
Use sandpaper to roughen the surface area of the door; a rough surface will allow the new coat of paint to stick to the door. Remove sanding dust with a tidy cloth, and clean door thoroughly using a tack cloth. Make sure the door is totally free of dust prior to applying paint.
Hide hardware with masking or blue painter's tape. Prior to eliminating cover from paint can, shake the contents well. To remove excess drips on the outside of the can, use an awl and a hammer to punch numerous holes along the inner rim of the can. Dip paint brush into can, and shake off any excess paint from the tip of the brush.
Starting at the top of the door, paint raised panels and moldings. Examine corners for drips typically, and utilize a paint brush to feather out the drips while following the natural "grain" of the door.
Gently sand surface of the door, and wipe down completely utilizing a tack fabric. Apply second coat of paint, and allow door to dry for an extra 24 hours. Remove masking tape from hardware.

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